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AGA Clinical Trials is a clinical research center that is dedicated to improve the health and quality of life of our patients through new and innovated therapies.

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Our History

The founders of AGA Clinical Trials—three physicians who graduated from Ecuador and the US—came together to create a company that supports the process of developing new and innovative therapies to improve millions of peoples’ lives worldwide. With 15+ years of extensive research experience, the team focuses on bringing knowledge and cutting edge medical options to patients and caregivers.

Our Goals

At AGA Clinical Trials, we are dedicated in improving the health and quality of life of our patients, especially for patients who do not have the resources to afford current medical care.

  • All of the services and diagnostic procedures involved in our clinical trials are free of cost to our patients while participating in our different programs.
  • We continuously work to maintain direct contact with patients about the treatment they will receive and always focus on the welfare of each patient.

AGA Clinical Trials exceeds the expectation of our patients through our careful professional attention and personalized service from our doctors, experienced coordinators and highly trained staff, who all make our patients safety and compliance our top priority. We are constantly striving for greatness.

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