AGA Clinical Trials Officially Enters as Top Enroller of Medical Trials against Covid-19 and Its Prevention

September 19, 2020

Florida, Sep 14, 2020 ( – AGA Clinical Trials, a multispecialty research facility with HQ
in Miami, Florida, and a satellite location in Ecuador that have been mentioned as top enrollers
nationally in two different medical trials against COVID-19 and its prevention, among these the Nation’s

CEO DR. Maria Graber, CPI, CCRP who have trained and prepared the teams in all aspects of patient
and personnel safety, as well as collaborating in improvements of protocols with different sponsors
says, “We would like to thank our team of collaborators who for months of successes and keeping each
of us healthy during the pandemic.” VP and global research director, Dr. Roberto Aguirre, CPI, CCRP,
which has carefully selected trials for the safety and treatment of positive COVID-19 patients in the city
of Miami and other neighboring counties have also said, “It feels great to achieve everyone’s goals
during these hectic times” following the success of the trials.

AGA Clinical Trials makes a difference in the field of medicine through their clinical trials in Miami and
Ecuador. Their clinical research center is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of patients
by evaluating new and innovative therapies. The Research Facility, developed as a result of two Foreign
Physicians united by a common goal to help patients in need of medical care, has now expanded to
open new opportunities in the field of sustainable medical practice. With more than a decade’s worth of
experience, they focus on bringing knowledge and advanced medical options to patients and

AGA Clinical Trials is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of patients, especially those
who do not have the resources to afford current medical care. All of the services and diagnostic
procedures involved in our clinical trials are free of cost to our patients while participating in our different
programs. They continuously work to maintain direct contact with patients about the treatment they will
receive and always focus on the welfare of each patient. AGA Clinical Trials exceeds the expectation of
their patients and Sponsors through their careful professional attention and personalized service from
doctors, experienced coordinators, and highly trained staff, who all make all patients safe through
prioritized care. They are constantly striving for greatness and are looking to extend their helping hands
in the improvement of medical practices around the world. With a staff trained in Specific Protocols
Procedures, Informed Consent Procedures, Confidential Patient Medical Information, and SOP’s and
more along with the professional handling of medical equipment, they are trained to expel the best
functional performances in their professional life.

The trials for the treatment of COVID-19 has seen AGA Clinical Trials putting in their best efforts to
create the best sustainable space to combat the epidemic. Dario Altamirano, D.O Principal Investigator
for trials conducted at AGA Clinical Trials in Miami says, “We applaud the collaborations provided by all
research volunteers in all scientific centers working together against this organic destroyer named
COVID-19, these volunteers are the heroes that will help us get there, as well as in any other clinical trial
in the future”. He also adds, “The positive achievements in any trial we work has to be thanked to the
training and support provided by hyperCORE international ( Global Network of Research centers)
members since 2019”. When asked for further suggestions, Dr. Aguirre was emphatic in asking the help
of all research volunteers in every corner of the world despite race, ethnicity, demographics, or religion
to support the development on time of all treatments, diagnostics, and vaccines against COVID-19. He
further suggested local authorities to promote clinical trial participation in a consistent way which will
give us the results we are expecting for current or future medications.

Aga Clinical Trials is a Multispecialty Research Facility that evaluates, conducts all research trials in
adult and pediatric populations since 2007. Customer service is an essential part of their team and at
AGA you will receive nothing but the best care from beginning to end. With over 120 years of combined
experience in the field, our doctors and staff work 24/7 to safeguard patients’ health as best we can.
Their trials have benefitted a number of patients who have had little to no success with traditional

Take a proactive role in healthcare by joining our clinical trials.

More information can be found at or call at 305-819-1551


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