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At AGA Clinical Trials, we’re dedicated to advancing healthcare through innovative research. We’re currently seeking participants for an essential clinical trial evaluating a revolutionary blood glucose monitoring device. This device has the potential to significantly improve diabetes management for millions of people in the world.

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    Blood Device

    About Blood Device

    The glucometer is a foundation of self-monitoring for individuals with diabetes mellitus and hypoglycemia. It serves as a crucial tool for quantifying approximate blood glucose concentration. This medical device can come in two forms: a meter paired with disposable test strips or a standalone strip dipped into a specific solution and then compared to a reference chart.

    The glucometer is vital in home blood glucose monitoring (HBGM). The process involves taking a small blood sample via a lancet puncture on the skin. This blood is then applied to a disposable test strip, which the meter reads and analyzes to calculate the corresponding blood glucose level.

    The final result, expressed in standardized units of milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) or millimole per liter (mmol/L), is then displayed on the meter’s interface.

    Are You Eligible for the Trial?

    Do you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes and use a glucometer? You could be eligible to participate.
    By participating in this clinical trial, you will play an important role in helping researchers assess the effectiveness and user experience of this innovative device. This could ultimately lead to advancements in diabetes care that benefit millions of people around the world.

    Study Design

    This is a single-arm, open-label clinical trial. Participants will be provided with a blood device for the duration of the study.

    What Happens During the Study?

    Throughout the study, you will be actively involved in:

    • Screening Visit: We’ll assess your eligibility through a brief medical history review and physical examination.
    • Assignment: If you qualify for the trial, we will provide you with the blood device.
    • Study Visits: You’ll attend regular study visits throughout the trial. These visits will involve blood sugar testing with your assigned device, questionnaire completion, and brief discussions with our research team.
    • Compensation: Since it is a paid clinical trial, you’ll receive fair compensation for your time and participation in the study.

    Why Should You Participate?

    By joining us in this vital research effort, you’ll play a significant role in the following:

    • Testing a potentially life-changing device: This new technology has the potential to change blood glucose monitoring, making it easier, faster, and more accurate for people with diabetes.
    • Contributing to medical advancements: Your participation helps contribute to valuable scientific data that can shape the future of diabetes care and management.
    • Receiving personalized care: Throughout the study, you’ll receive comprehensive monitoring and support from our team of healthcare professionals.

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    A’m very grateful about this opportunity the staff are very professional and friendly I recommend AGA Clínica Research because they really help people to improve their lives thanks

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    ~ Gladys Alvarez

    I am very happy with the attention first of the doctor who is an excellent doctor, very kind, an excellent human being and the attention of his assistants such as the laboratory assistant..

    Ricardo Manila

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    Amazing service! The staff is very nice and patient with me and my family. I was seen right away. No wait time. Great experience!

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    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Dignora Ortega

    Taking Part is Easy!

    By testing this blood glucose monitoring device, you may help shape the future of diabetes care. If you’re interested in this cutting-edge study, contact AGA Clinical Trials today! You can reach us by calling (786) 326-1583 or visiting our website.

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