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At AGA Clinical Trials, we understand that the research journey does not end once the trial is over. Our experts are keen on follow-up care after the clinical trial, which helps us collect valuable data regarding the outcomes. We will provide follow-up care in Miami, FL, to maintain contact with the participants, keep a check on them, and learn about any effects of the trial.

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    What Follow-Up Care Includes

    When you enroll in our clinical trials, you will be playing a vital role in medical advancement. After the trial, we will stay in touch with the participants to stay informed regarding the long-term effects of the intervention.

    We will have scheduled visits with the participants, especially for ongoing trials. The researchers might also conduct physical exams or other assessments to detect late-emerging side effects of the trial. Sometimes, we conduct trials that include medications, and our knowledgeable experts will instruct each individual involved on how to safely continue or discontinue using it. It is also important to monitor the withdrawal effects closely.

    Another component of follow-up care at our Miami facility is questionnaires, as they provide valuable insight into the participant’s life quality, overall health status, and the symptoms they experienced.

    Reasons Post-Trial Monitoring is Essential

    There are many reasons why continued evaluation is required after clinical studies. They help monitor the participant and shed light on the long-term indications or effects of the trial. Here are some aspects of follow-up care our Miami professionals look forward to:

    Long-Term Data Collection:

    We might continue collecting data from the clinical trial for years to come in order to collect data. This way, we can understand the long-term impact of the treatment or drug, and it might even present us with other information. By collecting data, we can improve the understanding of the intervention and help in future research.

    Monitors Health:

    Regular check-ins can help us detect any potential side effects and monitor your health. We value your safety and appreciate your vital role in allowing us to learn more about the intervention!

    Benefits Research:

    When we collect data from the trial’s outcomes, it benefits the research and helps us work on the weak points or side effects. It might provide breakthroughs or help future researchers in medical advancement!

    We Take Different Approaches to Keep in Touch

    When you think of follow-up care, you might assume that it involves direct and face-to-face contact with the participants. While that is true, there are other ways we might stay in contact and inquire about the long-term impacts or updates.

    If there is a large number of participants, we might contact them by telephone. Other than this, postal and electronic follow-ups have also been shown to be effective in certain contexts.

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    A’m very grateful about this opportunity the staff are very professional and friendly I recommend AGA Clínica Research because they really help people to improve their lives thanks

    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Gladys Alvarez

    I am very happy with the attention first of the doctor who is an excellent doctor, very kind, an excellent human being and the attention of his assistants such as the laboratory assistant..

    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Rosario Casais

    Amazing service! The staff is very nice and patient with me and my family. I was seen right away. No wait time. Great experience!

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    ~ Erika

    Employees are very professional and friendly. Always able to convey the necessary information to the patient in the most accessible way.

    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Paola Allende

    Very detailed and thorough in explaining. The office staff is friendly, warm and attentive.

    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Milerka Lantigua

    Excellent service from the staff, the phlebotomist is very experienced and very good. The atmosphere is very pleasant and the coordinators are girls who are very attentive to everyone. The long time doctor is still here.

    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Dignora Ortega

    Consult our Professional Team!

    You can help AGA Clinical Trials in research and advancement of medicine by partaking in our trials; only if you are eligible. You may have to keep in touch even after the trial for any long-term side effects of the intervention, helping us find solutions and collect data. Our follow-up care in Miami, FL, will be convenient for you. Contact us at (786) 326-1583.

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