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At AGA Clinical Trials, we understand that our participants give us their valuable time. We offer participant compensation in Miami, FL, when you partake in our research and studies, making sure to reimburse the participants for their time and inconvenience. We appreciate each individual who contributes to the advancement of medical knowledge!

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    What is Participant Compensation

    When an individual participates in our clinical trials, we aim to provide them with monetary or non-monetary rewards. Our participant compensation is an appreciation for the individuals who partake in the research and an acknowledgment of their sacrifice, efforts, and more.

    We prioritize the well-being and health of each individual who contributes their precious time to help us with our research. Therefore, we aim to provide participant compensation at our Miami facility in order to support the participants!

    We Take a Fair Approach to Participant Compensation

    Our professionals are committed to providing reliable solutions and advancing medical research, which is why we conduct clinical trials. We recognize the noteworthy contribution of the participants and provide participant compensation at our Miami clinical trials to help the participants with expenses or provide helpful non-monetary compensation.

    We deal with participant compensation in a fair and just manner. You will be aware of the type and amount of compensation beforehand when you read through our informed consent. Our experts believe in transparent communication; they will provide you with detailed information regarding the compensation and any additional benefits.

    You will be glad to know that our participation compensation policies follow ethical guidelines. We take transparency, fairness, and ethical considerations seriously when you partake in our research or clinical trials. Our aim is to recognize the effort and time it takes each individual to participate in our studies!

    Different Types of Participant Compensation

    There are different types of participant compensation; you will find the details in the informed consent form, and you can also consult us regarding it. Here are some participant compensations we may offer in our Miami facility:

    Monetary Compensation:

    The participants might receive cash payments for their time as well as travel expenses. Moreover, the amount will depend on the different aspects of the trial.


    Some participant compensations include reimbursement of expenses such as transportation costs, parking fees, and more. We may reimburse them for out-of-pocket costs in order to acknowledge their role in our clinical trial!

    Non-Monetary Compensation:

    It is also possible that the participant might receive non-monetary compensation, such as gift cards, vouchers, or another token of appreciation.
    The participant will be aware of the details, such as the type of compensation when they enroll in the clinical trial. We attempt to design an effective compensation plan that adheres to the necessary guidelines and outlines the necessary details.

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    A’m very grateful about this opportunity the staff are very professional and friendly I recommend AGA Clínica Research because they really help people to improve their lives thanks

    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Gladys Alvarez

    I am very happy with the attention first of the doctor who is an excellent doctor, very kind, an excellent human being and the attention of his assistants such as the laboratory assistant..

    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Rosario Casais

    Amazing service! The staff is very nice and patient with me and my family. I was seen right away. No wait time. Great experience!

    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Erika

    Employees are very professional and friendly. Always able to convey the necessary information to the patient in the most accessible way.

    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Paola Allende

    Very detailed and thorough in explaining. The office staff is friendly, warm and attentive.

    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Milerka Lantigua

    Excellent service from the staff, the phlebotomist is very experienced and very good. The atmosphere is very pleasant and the coordinators are girls who are very attentive to everyone. The long time doctor is still here.

    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Dignora Ortega

    Your Chance to Help in the Medical Advancement!

    AGA Clinical Trials is your trusted facility for reliable studies and research. We want to contribute to the advancement of the health sector, and we aim to support the trial participants. We will acknowledge their role and appreciate their contribution to participant compensation in Miami, FL. Talk to us at (786) 326-1583!

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