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Amidst the wide scope of clinical research, effective patient recruitment and retention are essential for the success of trials. At AGA Clinical Trials, our recruitment services in Miami, FL, are aimed at attracting and retaining participants for clinical studies. We devise strategic plans to reach and engage potential candidates, ensuring a diverse participant pool for successful clinical trials.

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    Recruitment Consultation and Planning

    A detailed recruitment consultation is the first step toward a successful clinical trial. Our professionals closely work with researchers to understand the specific needs of the study and create effective strategies to target the right participants.

    We assist in creating compelling advertisements, utilizing registries to form a specific recruitment plan that aligns with the trial’s purpose and timeline.

    Targeted Patient Outreach

    We understand that every clinical trial has unique requirements. As a part of our recruitment services in Miami, FL, we utilize targeted patient outreach strategies to reach a wide scope of qualified participants.

    Our professionals use a combination of conventional and digital marketing techniques to attract potential candidates for the trial.

    We also collaborate with local healthcare providers, NGOs, and patient advocates to reach individuals who can benefit from participating in clinical studies.

    Screening and Enrollment

    Once the potential participants express their interest, we conduct a thorough screening process to select the most suitable candidates. This step is crucial to enhancing the success of the trial. Our screening process is participant-friendly, minimizing any discomfort and complexity.

    We provide the participants with complete details regarding the clinical trial. During an initial discussion, our team explains the purpose, duration, benefits, and risks of the trial, including the participant’s rights. We obtain informed consent before enrollment in any clinical study.

    Patient Follow-up and Retention

    The follow-up and retention strategies are just as essential as initial recruitment efforts. We ensure that patients are actively engaged throughout the trial. For this purpose, we utilize advanced tools and systems that provide real-time feedback from the participants.

    We also use automated systems for text and emails to keep our participants updated and remind them of their appointments. This consistent communication helps to minimize dropouts, improving the retention rate of the trial.

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    A’m very grateful about this opportunity the staff are very professional and friendly I recommend AGA Clínica Research because they really help people to improve their lives thanks

    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Gladys Alvarez

    I am very happy with the attention first of the doctor who is an excellent doctor, very kind, an excellent human being and the attention of his assistants such as the laboratory assistant..

    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Rosario Casais

    Amazing service! The staff is very nice and patient with me and my family. I was seen right away. No wait time. Great experience!

    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Erika

    Employees are very professional and friendly. Always able to convey the necessary information to the patient in the most accessible way.

    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Paola Allende

    Very detailed and thorough in explaining. The office staff is friendly, warm and attentive.

    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Milerka Lantigua

    Excellent service from the staff, the phlebotomist is very experienced and very good. The atmosphere is very pleasant and the coordinators are girls who are very attentive to everyone. The long time doctor is still here.

    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Dignora Ortega

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    Our recruitment services in Miami, FL, are tailored to match the specific requirements of clinical trials. To get a personalized consultation with our skilled professionals, call us today at (786) 326-1583.

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