Teenage Migraine Clinical Trials

Migraines are a common yet draining problem that can make life tough for teenagers. At AGA Clinical Trials, we are dedicated to learning more about migraines in teenagers. Our researchers aim to discover improved ways to treat them. Our clinical trials are formulated to determine if a new drug can help stop migraines in this age group.

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    Teenage Migraine

    Teenage Migraine Symptoms

    About 10% of kids in school have migraines. When teenagers turn 17 years old, about 8% of boys and 23% of girls experience them. Teenagers with migraines can have different symptoms than adults. Some important differences are:

    • Pain on both sides of the head
    • Migraines don’t last as long, usually about 2 hours
    • Lights and sounds can bother them
    • Sometimes, they see strange things before a migraine, called an aura, in about 25% of cases.

    Our Commitment to Teenage Migraine Research

    Even though many teenagers have migraines, there aren’t many approved treatments just for them. That’s why our healthcare professionals perform keen trials. They are meaningful for discovering more and treating migraines in teenagers.
    We test new medicines to see if they work and if they are safe for teenagers aged 13 to 19. At AGA Clinical

    Trials, we strive to find treatments using our research findings. We aim to make life easier for this young age group suffering from migraines.

    Our Inclusion Criteria

    To take part in our teenage migraine clinical trials, you need to:

    • Be between 12 and 17 years old.
    • Have had migraines for at least 6 months.
    • Get at least one migraine every month.
    • Be ready and able to join us.

    Exclusion Criteria

    Teenagers who can’t participate in our clinical trials are those who:

    • Have certain health issues like epilepsy or stroke.
    • Take certain medicines like blood thinners or antidepressants.
    • Have allergies to the new drug being tested.
    • Are Pregnant or breastfeeding.

    What to Expect During Our Teenage Migraine Clinical Trials

    During our clinical trials, participants can expect:

    • A screening visit to make sure you can join and understand what’s involved.
    • Maintenance of a headache diary for 28 days to start.
    • Random Selection to get either the new drug or a fake one (placebo).
    • Regular checkups to monitor your migraines, how you’re feeling in general, and if everything’s safe.
    • Expert help and advice along the way from our team.

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    A’m very grateful about this opportunity the staff are very professional and friendly I recommend AGA Clínica Research because they really help people to improve their lives thanks

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    I am very happy with the attention first of the doctor who is an excellent doctor, very kind, an excellent human being and the attention of his assistants such as the laboratory assistant..

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    Amazing service! The staff is very nice and patient with me and my family. I was seen right away. No wait time. Great experience!

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    Employees are very professional and friendly. Always able to convey the necessary information to the patient in the most accessible way.

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    Very detailed and thorough in explaining. The office staff is friendly, warm and attentive.

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    Excellent service from the staff, the phlebotomist is very experienced and very good. The atmosphere is very pleasant and the coordinators are girls who are very attentive to everyone. The long time doctor is still here.

    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Dignora Ortega

    Consult Us for Migraine Free- Future

    Is your teenager tired of living with the exhausting symptoms of migraines? Find the long-term relief you need at AGA Clinical Trials. With your participation, you can receive new treatment options for your migraines. Consult us at (786) 326-1583 to gain more insight into our teenage migraine trials to make a difference for a future without migraines.

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