Why Research Volunteering Is No Thankless Task, Part 2

April 23, 2019


In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the reasons why participating in a clinical trial may benefit you. While participating in clinical research is known to bring several positives to the general medical community, some think of it as a thankless individual task – this simply isn’t the case.

At AGA Clinical Trials, we’re happy to explain the numerous benefits of participating in our clinical studies, including those for healthy participants. In today’s blog, we’ll zoom out a bit and look at some of the broader benefits you’ll find from taking part in our studies.


Mediation Access

We spoke in part one about the access you often get to doctors and care areas you might have to wait weeks or months for otherwise depending on your condition, and the same themes are often true for medications as well. Even with insurance, there are many medications that can be prohibitively expensive – but during a medical trial, you may get access to them for free.

In some cases, these medications will include those that have not even been made available publicly yet. In others, they will already be FDA-approved before use. In either case, the medication will come with no cost and may also be supplemented by other helpful materials.



Another great benefit of participating in clinical trials if you have some form of medical condition is the education you’ll be able to receive about said condition. Many trials include a diagnostic test or physical evaluation by a licensed physician, and these can both provide information to those who may be struggling with undefined symptoms or illnesses. In many cases, these studies themselves help patients identify new treatment routes they may not have been considering in the past, improving their ability to manage their condition.


Societal Benefits

For those who enjoy taking part in something bigger than themselves and get true satisfaction from helping others, clinical trials are a perfect outlet. Not only do they contain all the personal benefits we’ve gone over here, but by taking part, you’re also providing a service to others. Who’s to say your participation won’t, in some small way, help researchers discover a cure or treatment that might make life more comfortable for your children or grandchildren? Even if nothing this revolutionary takes place due to you taking part, you’ve still done a good deed.


Improved Quality of Life

When totaling up everything in this two-part blog, it’s easy to see that trial participation can have multiple positive effects on quality of life. It will make you feel positive about yourself and your contributions while also providing specific assistance with your condition, often in a more specific setting than you’d be able to achieve anywhere else.

For more on how clinical trial participation benefits both you and others, or to learn about any of our research studies available, speak to the staff at AGA Clinical Trials today.

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