Migraine Clinical Trials

At AGA Clinical Trials, we are dedicated to enhancing the prevention and treatment of migraines. Our clinical trials aim to assess the safety and effectiveness of investigational medications. We are presently seeking participants for our studies and invite you to explore further details about our clinical trials and potential participation opportunities.

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    Migraine Clinical Trials

    Understanding the Condition

    Migraine is a neurological condition marked by frequent intense headaches. It often occurs with sensitivity to sound and light and a feeling of sickness. It’s a serious problem affecting millions globally, causing major difficulties and limitations in everyday activities.

    How Migraine Affects Patients

    Migraine affects not just your physical health but also your feelings and relationships with others. This condition can result in:

    • Low Productivity:
      Migraine attacks can cause absenteeism from work or school, resulting in decreased productivity and financial strain.
    • Social Withdrawal:
      The fear of triggering a migraine attack can prompt individuals to distance themselves socially. They avoid gatherings or activities that could potentially induce an attack.
    • Emotional Strain:
      Migraine can evoke considerable emotional distress, encompassing feelings of anxiety, depression, and a sense of despair.

    Our Migraine Clinical Trials Can Make a Difference

    Some currently available migraine treatments include medications and lifestyle adjustments. Despite their availability, many people fail to find enough relief from their symptoms. The present treatments in the medical industry are insufficient.

    There is a dire need for new and better treatments to help people with migraines. Therefore, our clinical trials are focused on new findings about migraine. Our research creates an opportunity for people to help with the development of innovative treatments.

    Our Eligibility Criteria

    To be eligible for our migraine clinical trials, the participants must fulfill the following criteria. This includes:

    Age Requirement:

    Our clinical trials welcome participants of different ages, ranging from children to adults and older adults.

    Medical Background:

    Participants need to have a history of migraines and might have tried other treatments before.

    Migraine Symptoms:

    Participants must have migraines with certain features, like their frequency, intensity, and duration.

    Why Be a Part of Our Migraine Clinical Trials

    Participating in a clinical trial requires you to attend a sequence of visits to our research facility. During these visits, our healthcare professionals will supervise participants through study-related medications, tests, and procedures.

    It is mandatory for participants to maintain a headache diary to monitor their symptoms and any alterations observed throughout the duration of the study. These visits involve:


    This is a thorough check to see if you can join the study.


    You will regularly come to study medicines, tests, and procedures.

    Follow-up Visits:

    You will have extra visits to see how you’re doing during the study.

    We Provide Fair Compensation to Participants

    We at AGA Clinical Trials value the time of our participants. To appreciate this, we provide fair compensation such as:


    You will receive reimbursement for any reasonable expenses incurred as a consequence of your participation in the study. This includes but is not limited to parking, meals, or other travel-related costs.

    Monetary Compensation:

    Our participants can receive money for each visit and a bonus for completing the trial and keeping their headache diary.

    Non-monetary Compensation:

    You will also get free or discounted healthcare services connected to the study, like medicines and tests.

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    Be Part of the Solution with Us

    Don’t let the migraine take control of your life. Enroll in our research at AGA Clinical Trials and help fight against migraines. You can take pride in being a part of a revolution in healthcare. Our accurate and concise migraine clinical trials help us prepare new medications for a better future. Consult us today at (786) 326-1583 to help those in need.

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