AGA Clinical Trials offers paid studies and supports the healthcare needs of their community in Miami, FL.

Why We All Matter in Medical Research

Medical research helps create new medicines and treatments that make us feel better. But did you know that everyone, no matter our backgrounds, is important to include when making sure medicines work for all of us? Imagine medical research as a superhero. It’s the one making sure new medicines are safe and work well before…

AGA Clinical Trials is seeking lupus patients to participate in a clinical trial offering compensation and free, study-related medical care.

Pioneering Hope: How Clinical Trials are Revolutionizing Lupus Treatment

Living with lupus can be challenging, but there is hope on the horizon. Thanks to the incredible progress of clinical trials, lupus patients now have access to more effective treatment options and improved quality of life. Let's explore how clinical trials have played a pivotal role in advancing lupus treatments and what this means for...
Middle-aged fit man with knee arthritis asks nurse about better treatments available in clinical trials.

Advancing the Fight Against Knee Arthritis: The Benefits of Clinical Trials and Promising Investigational Drugs

Knee arthritis is a debilitating condition that affects millions of people worldwide, causing pain, reduced mobility, and a decreased quality of life. While there are various treatments available, researchers are continually striving to find more effective and innovative solutions. Clinical trials play a crucial role in this pursuit, providing a platform for testing new therapies...
lack endometriosis research basics

Lack of Endometriosis Research: Basics and Diagnosis Issues

There are several areas of the medical world that simply have not seen enough research to improve their outcomes, and sadly several of these are found within the realm of women’s reproductive health. A good example here is endometriosis, which can impact up to 10% of all women in reproductive ages – but which has…

obesity America approaches combat

Obesity in America: Approaches to Combat It

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some of the negative trends that are increasingly showing up as a result of obesity in the USA. Sadly, obesity in America has led to issues like lower life expectancy, higher healthcare costs and more – but efforts are also constantly being made to…

obesity America negative trends

Obesity in America: Negative Trends it Contributes To

As many people are well aware, rates of obesity in America – already higher than most other parts of the world – have only continued to grow in recent years. Especially for older people, those who are obese face several heightened risks compared to others, and these risks only continue to heighten. At AGA Clinical…

role clinical researchers trials

Role of Clinical Researchers in Medical Trials

There are several entities who may play important roles in carrying out a clinical research trial, and actual researchers themselves will always be on this list. Clinical researchers are responsible for several important parts of the trial process, from setup to conclusion. and knowing what they do and how they can help is often valuable…

pediatric migraine treatments neuromodulation

New Miami Pediatric Migraine Treatments: CGRP, Neuromodulation

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some of the new treatments that are gaining steam within the realm of pediatric migraines. Due to continued research in the form of clinical trials, more and more effective treatments are becoming realistic for pediatric migraines, which impact many children in multiple negative ways….

new pediatric migraine treatments

New Pediatric Migraine Treatments: Nerve Blocks, NSAIDs, CBT

Headache and migraine symptoms can be both painful and debilitating for many people, especially children who suffer from them chronically. Luckily, modern medicine is constantly on the hunt for new treatments, and several of these have begun to show promise within the world of pediatric migraine treatment. At AGA Clinical Trials, we’re proud to play…

clinical trial qualification volunteers

Clinical Trial Qualification: Informed Consent, Healthy Volunteers

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the main reasons why participation in clinical trials is typically limited. There are some simple explanations for this, including the goal of targeting populations that adequately represent the groups who suffer from a given condition, and it’s important to know about these…

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