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Exceptional Recruitment and Retention Success

AGA Clinical Trials stands out as a premier clinical trial research site in Southeast Florida, earning numerous accolades for its exceptional work. Over the years, AGA has conducted more than 200 trials across various phases, drawing on a richly diverse population of both pediatric and adult participants, as well as healthy volunteers.

With a strong emphasis on patient retention, AGA has successfully enrolled over 13,000 participants, establishing itself as a trusted and reliable partner in the Miami healthcare community. AGA offers comprehensive on-site diagnostic and medical services, ensuring the safe and thorough exploration of new clinical pharmacology compounds.

Leading the Way in Certification and Accreditation

In 2023, AGA Clinical Trials achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first site in the United States to be certified by the Global Clinical Site Assessment Standard (GCSA).

Not stopping there, AGA went on to become the first site globally to receive triple certification, with additional individual accreditations from the International Organization for Clinical Research (IAOCR) for both Dr. Maria Ximena Graber, CEO, and Dr. Roberto Aguirre, President.

Assurance of Quality and Trust

The prestigious IAOCR and GCSA certification marks offer a solid assurance to both patients and sponsors. These certifications signify that AGA Clinical Trials and its team have undergone extensive quality assurance assessments and are committed to maintaining world-class standards.

This dedication to quality and excellence makes AGA Clinical Trials a standout choice for anyone looking to engage in clinical research.

AGA Clinical Trials Patient Population in Miami

Patient Population
Specialty Capabilities

Comprehensive Specialty Services and Capabilities

  • On-Site Fibroscan Testing
  • Imaging Studies (PET, DEXA, PDFF MRI)
  • Cognitive Testing
  • CSF Collection
  • PMBC Processing/Collection
  • Multiple Organ Biopsies
  • Liver Biopsy
  • STAT Labs for Hematology and Chemistry Telemetry

Advanced Diagnostic Facilities at Our Miami, FL Clinic

  • Multispecialty CRU with 12 Beds
  • 11,000 Sqft Boutique Research Facility
  • Level 3 Hospitals Nearby
  • Healthy Volunteers
  • Special Populations
  • FIH
  • PK/PD
  • Toxicology
  • Food Effect
  • DDI
  • Biologics/Biosimilars
  • Vaccine Studies in Pediatric and Adult Populations

Our Clinical Research Partners

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