Benefits of Private Cloud Networks for Patient Data Storage

November 20, 2019


Within the medical world, including clinical research trials, the secure and safe storage of patient data is of paramount importance. Many medical organizations are moving toward private cloud storage, which is a cloud infrastructure accessible only by a single company or organization, rather than a public cloud that’s open to all.

At AGA Clinical Trials, confidential patient information storage is very important to us for any of our clinical studies, from diabetic neuropathy to high cholesterol or any other form of medical research study we perform. Let’s go over some of the potential benefits of private cloud data storage within this world, including both patients and researchers alike who see significant benefits from utilizing this technology.


Security and Patient Privacy

For many reasons, security of patient information is very important within the world of clinical research. Study volunteers are aiding in helpful research areas, and there can be no risk of allowing their information to become compromised.

For starters, private cloud storage is an isolated database. This means only the data collected by our team during our specific studies will be stored – no other previous medical info or data from other organizations will be present or accessible at any time. In addition, private clouds can be chosen in location and customized for whatever level of security is required. If needed, an internal IT team can take control of monitoring and reporting.


Speed Factors

Another big benefit to researchers, and therefore to the quality of their studies for patients, is the speed offered by private cloud networks. Loading and operating speeds are much faster since only one organization’s files are present on the server, and the customization areas we noted above make for a much simpler cloud interface.

Also, private clouds allow research teams to store data closer to where the study is actually being done. This is a valuable factor for international trials that often experience lag. It also helps ensure compliance with regulatory standards in the state or country where the study takes place.


Cost Reduction

Private clouds also help reduce costs for studies, particularly for groups running a high volume of trials. This allows researchers to perform a greater number of studies that are highly effective, helping the field in question move forward with new data.



Down similar lines, private cloud storage helps many research groups scale their study organization. Being able to store all the data involved is often a big impediment to scaling properly, but being able to scale up or downsize as needed helps control costs.

For more on the benefits of private cloud storage during clinical studies, or to learn about any of our medical research clinics, speak to the staff at AGA Clinical Trials today.

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