Elements of Trial Participant Selection

October 01, 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]At AGA Clinical Trials, we’re proud of the careful and detailed approach we take in our paid clinical trials. Our dedicated staff is fully up to speed on every part of the trial process, from start to finish, ensuring that research is conducted using proper methods and without error.

One of the most important parts of our process for any clinical research study is recruiting the right kinds of subjects to participate. We take enormous care in this selection process when needed, with a careful eye to several vital factors here. Let’s go over some of the important areas we look at when selecting our subjects.

Target Subjects

One of the first processes we’ll go through involves identifying the target subjects for a given study. Parts of this are very simple – if a study is being done on female breast cancer, for instance, males won’t be part of the target subject group.

This research goes much deeper as well, however. We’ll look at everything from demographics to deeper factors like media use or even personal traits and motivations. We’ll start with a broad target population, then work to narrow it based on more specific factors.

Site Resources

One other big part of the target audience acquisition process involves understanding the resources available at the site of the trial. This includes the facility itself, but also the funds and other resources that may be dictated by the sponsor of a given trial. It also includes taking full stock of the staff and equipment needed for a given study, plus ensures the goals of the study are realistic within the budget.

Internal Databases

When it comes to finding participants for a study, it’s always best to start with the least expensive form of acquisition – and in this field, that comes from databases. These are usually held by the practice or sponsor who commissioned the study, as these organizations will often have a wide database of patients within the condition or area they’re looking to research.

Through this kind of internal research, we can easily identify some of the best subjects for the trial desired. From here, we can contact these individuals using several methods to promote the study and grow our participant base.

Sponsors and Documentation

As we noted above, many clinical trials are sponsored by a given group or organization related to the condition or area being studied. In these cases, we’re careful to lay out a specific plan that demonstrates the ways we’ll be achieving our sponsors’ goals. We’ll lay out how we use a budget, plus any estimated return on investment involved in the study.

For more on how we select our participants, or to learn about any of our clinical studies or find out about participating yourself, contact the staff at AGA Clinical Trials today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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