Osteoarthritis Trials: Specific Value to Patients

osteoarthritis trials value patients

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on participating in osteoarthritis clinical trials if you suffer from this condition. There are several good reasons for doing so, and one of these that we noted is the possibility that you’ll receive the newest, best treatments available, sometimes even including those that aren’t available to the general public yet.

At AGA Clinical Trials, we’re currently enrolling for osteoarthritis clinical trials to help further the medical community’s understanding of this condition. In today’s part two of our series, we want to focus in on some of the specific ways your osteoarthritis treatment may change or improve if you’re participating in a clinical trial.

Newer Treatments

As we touched on above, one big reason to participate in an osteoarthritis clinical trial is that you may have access to treatments that aren’t yet available to the general public. This could include new medications, new surgical techniques, or even new devices that help manage your pain or improve your quality of life.

Some of these treatments are still in development and haven’t yet been proven effective, which is why they’re being tested in clinical trials. But this also means that there’s the potential for you to be one of the first people to benefit from a new breakthrough treatment for osteoarthritis.

More Exams and Tests

Because osteoarthritis clinical trials are conducted with the goal of furthering medical understanding of the condition, those who participate undergo more exams and tests than they would if they were receiving usual care. This gives you the chance to have a comprehensive evaluation of your osteoarthritis symptoms and progression, which can be helpful in its own right.

It also gives you more opportunities to discuss your condition and treatment options with a medical professional. This is valuable because it can help you get a second opinion on your diagnosis or treatment plan, and it can also help you better understand your condition and what you can do to manage it.

Changes to Diet or Habits

Some clinical trials may require a change to diet, habits or even medications as part of the study — and in many cases, patients will find that these changes actually improve their symptoms. For example, a study might test whether a certain diet helps reduce osteoarthritis pain, and participants may find that they feel better after making the switch.

Similarly, a clinical trial testing a new medication for osteoarthritis may require patients to stop taking their current medications. This gives you the chance to try a different approach to managing your pain, and you may find that the new medication is more effective than what you’re currently taking.

Free Care and Compensation

Finally, another big benefit of participating in an osteoarthritis clinical trial is that it gives you access to free care and compensation for your time and effort. This includes all of the exams and tests required for the trial, as well as any treatment you receive as part of the study.

You may also be compensated for your time and travel expenses, which can make it easier to participate in a clinical trial if you don’t live near the study site. Overall, participating in an osteoarthritis clinical trial can provide you with valuable benefits that you may not receive from usual care.

If you’re interested in learning more about osteoarthritis clinical trials or participating in one, contact AGA Clinical Trials today.


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